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All hedgehogs must have a short application filled out for the hedgehog to be reserved. The application is located at the link provided below:

Hedgehog Application

There is a non-refundable deposit of $50 that must be paid in order to reserve an available baby hedgehog of your choice. Please read our policy page for more information.

We do not sell to breeders or for breeding purposes.

Available Hedgehog Babies

Upcoming babies
4/6 and 4/8
Around mid May
Waiting list will be contacted first!
$225-250 on average

Available Adult Hedgehogs(Retirees and sometimes Rescues) - These hedgehogs are ONLY for pet homes.

Chocolate Pinto
Friendly, he might ball up but he will quickly unroll. He loves to explore and run on a wheel. Not really into cuddling on the couch!
Additional Information: If you would like to see more pictures of the hedgehogs, please visit our Facebook page.

Meet and Greet Non-refundable fee.

Please check with us before placing a deposit so we can verify the baby is still available. Non-refundable deposits are $50.
Pay for your hedgehog in full via PayPal. Select the price that correctly describes your hedgehog.
Pay Full
Pay off your hedgehog which already has a deposit on it. Select the price that correctly describes your hedgehog.
Pay Remaining